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Salut voila j'ai dus faire une rédaction en anglais sur la difference entre être et avoir et donner son avis !
Voila j'ai fait ma rédaction mais j'aimerais avoir une correction car je suis pas vraiment bonne en Anglais :)
J'ai essayer de faire le maximum de phrase toute seule et après je me suis aider d'un traducteur ^^

To be and to have, two essentials verbs, two auxiliaries witch is at service of main verbs to talk about an action for example "to eat" and "to have eaten" or "to be eaten", we will show in two-parts that the two verbs represent for many.
And you let you make your own idea if it is better to be or to have. 64

Be a person, it has primarily been a matter, that is to say, exist mainly in the first person, be "I" and the other person, not being an external object does not exist in the third person.
This requires, being primarily and am very impatient.
When we are born, we were nobody, our identity was to be done.
Be just am, is to accept them as they are and not trying to please at any cost to others.
Whether helping yourself before helping others, to share, to have fun and to love.

Being a person is also having some things, have a moral status, for example, being able to feel pain, see the dignity of an autonomous being, an identity, personal, subjective identity: being able to form a representation of oneself, through his memories, his memory.
Have a social, intersubjective identity that we are recognized by others because of its role in society.
In life by having the individual seeks security.
He thinks the find in possessions accumulating material goods, money, a big house, a big car, clothes ... But have also raised fears that other steal from us.

For Harpagon, the miser of Molière famous, being robbed is to lose life.
Live the have been taking the risk of being alone.

Being and having given some awareness to the individual, for me it is more important to be before, be it the security of not being alone and have to take the risk of being alone against all.
It should above all be before, and when we know it will put a barrier between the two verbs that are in our service.

Merci de votre aide :)

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